Youth & Family Pastor Initiative

October 2018 Update: 

A Call Committee has been formed and has begun meetings in the search for our  Youth & Family Pastor.   Keep those on the committee in your prayers as they work through the process of finding a good fit for our Peace family. 

ring of peepsYouth & Family Pastor Initiative

 At its meeting on May 30, 2018, the Council adopted a proposal to seek funding and support to call a Youth and Family Pastor as an addition to our pastoral team.We will be seeking funding outside of our operating budget to support this position for a period of three or more years in order to grow our income potential to add this position to our spending plan long term. When the three year financial commitment has been achieved (approximately $315,000), we plan to form a call committee to seek a candidate for this position. When a candidate is selected, there will be a congregational meeting called to approve the call to fill that position.It is our hope to call a Youth and Family pastor that can have a presence among us for the coming academic year.  Read further for updates on our progress!
For a more detailed explanation of our goals and process, click here


The Leader Generation – those with grown kids -  and the On IT Generation  – those parenting 0-25 years of age – have teamed up to raise  over $335,000 in pledges towards our goal of $305K-$345K for our Youth/Family Pastor Initiative.  The generosity of this congregation and their love for our kids has overwhelmed us with absolutely incredible opportunity!  That means that we will be pursuing a Youth and Family Pastor asap to join our Pastoral Team.  That means, we can dance and celebrate and keep working to enhance our range of experience.  If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to give/pledge to this initiative, please know whatever you can offer…to help us meet the very top of our range, would be greatly appreciated!
WE DID IT!  WE’RE DOING IT! HELP US HELP YOUR FAMILY!  Let’s CELEBRATE the opportunity to do amazing things for ALL the kids of our community!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


YFP Initiative










In the meantime, please pray for the Spirit to move through us in powerful ways as we collaborate by God’s grace to create a future that is founded on faith, hope and love for our children.