Variety Show and Silent Auction

Variety Show:  In the spring of each year, Peace hosts a themed Variety Show.  Peace members and their friends and family along with many of our musical groups, sign up to sing, dance, play an instrument, perform a skit or share whatever creative ‘talents’ they may have.

Silent Auction:  Following the Variety Show each year, the Silent Auction at Peace is a don’t miss!  ‘Themed’ baskets are donated by Peace families and local businesses as a way to raise money for Peace ministries and a designated outreach.   Baskets small and large, ranging in value from $5 to $500  are on display and ready for bidding in Fellowship Hall.  There is  also “Kids Only” section for children to purchase tickets for a chance to win one of the ‘kiddo-only’ baskets.

To date, the Variety Show and Silent Auction have raised over $85,000 to support Peace ministries and outreach.

The 20th Peace Variety Show and Silent Auction was held on Sunday, May 19th, 2019.
The 2019 theme was “A Blast from the Past (19 shows)”.  Performers picked a song from the 347 songs in the last 19 shows and sang to it, danced to it, played it on the piano or performed on a variety of  other instruments.   The Silent Auction boasted over 75 baskets filled with an assortment of items, services, events and even a vacation destination.   In total the 2019 Variety Show and Auction raised over $6,000. 
Check out the pictures from from the 2019 show…