Variety Show and Silent Auction

Everyone’s invited to attend the 19th Peace Church Variety Show and Auction!



“Let’s All Go to the Movies”

Sunday, April 22nd @ 3:00 PM

The movie box office is coming to you for this year’s Variety Show!  ‘I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse!’  We hope to ‘Go ahead … And make your day!’  Because ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!’

Do you want to be IN the movies?  Sing a song from a top-100 movie of all time? Sing, dance, play an instrument, do a skit from your favorite blockbuster movie?  Song suggestion sheets are available near the narthex bulletin board.  The sign-up sheet to be IN the show is also on the board.  Sign up BY March 18 to be IN the movies.

Questions?  Chat it up with Jan Rutkowski, Variety Show Organizer.

‘May the Force be with YOU!’

Let’s ALL go to the Movies!!



… And the Silent Auctionbid

After the Variety Show on April 22

It’s the silent auction here at Peace, in combination with the annual and ever-popular Variety Show! We are looking for you to get involved in our Silent Auction.  We need baskets of all sizes and shapes filled with wonderful items donated from you, your family, your business, your group of friends, your KiX class, even your alto section of the choir!  Your basket/container donation/creation could range from $5 to $50 to $500 … large or small or anywhere in between!  No matter the amount, we appreciate your themed basket!

Consider donating a certificate of ‘a service’ (for example: an evening of babysitting, an hour of plumbing, two hours of computer-clean up, lawn mowing for a week – while a family is on vacation).

Sign up today (on the narthex bulletin board, where else?!) to be a part of the Silent Auction by creating a themed basket for donation.  Your completed ‘basket’ donation creation must be delivered here to Peace BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4.

Being a part of the Silent Auction is so much fun!   It really is!