Radical Kinship ~ Sabbath Activities

Radical Kinship Ideas for Peace Sabbath Week

(in sync with Waunakee’s Spring Break – Peace closed 3/19-3/23)

Click here for printable and portable Radical Kinship Ideas for Peace Sabbath Week


  1. Wherever you are on spring break, learn about how that community serves people who are hungry and in need of food.  Make a donation to the local food pantry by shopping for some of your favorite non-perishable items at a local grocery store.
  2. Watch the movie, “Wonder” and talk about how we experience people who are different than you. Talk about how you would want to be treated if you were somehow the one who is different. Talk about your expectations of each other in helping those who you encounter that have differences.  When possible, try to give real examples.
  3. For every time you eat out, tip big, but also tabulate a tithe of your total…so that at some point an amount of your total food out bill… 10% (a tithe) of the ongoing total…can be given to an organization that is doing the work of feeding people or caring for them in some important way.
  4. If you are traveling with friends, pose the question, “What is one thing we could do to change the world so that the vulnerable among us have what they need?” Make a plan to spend a weekend together doing something for that effort.
  5. Plan to make a garden this year and give at least 33% of the produce away.
  6. Leave a tip for housekeeping wherever you go…and have everyone staying there write a thank you note.  With the thank you note and tip, include some well wishes for the family who is cleaning your room/cottage/condo.  Have a conversation of what that person’s family life is like.
  7. If you are doing a stay break…clean out things in your house that you are not using.  Find a new home for used toys, bedding, clothing, furniture, etc.  Talk about who might benefit from the things you no longer need.
  8. Write an Easter or Spring Break letter to family/friends telling them how much they mean to you and thanking them for being a part of your life.
  9. Learn about people who live in some part of the world that is making headlines.  How are the lives of the people that live in that place like yours?  How are they different.  Say a prayer for the things you imagine they might need.
  10. Google “StARS” in Cairo, Egypt and learn about the work Rev. Kirsten Fryer is doing.
  11. If you are in Waunakee, on Wednesday 3/21, the usual night for dinner and worship, invite someone to join your family for dinner…whether you cook…or head to a favorite restaurant.  Think about and/or maybe have a conversation about…why those people were your choice for dinner guests.
  12. Bake something—cookies, a cake, brownies, etc. and take at least part of it to share with someone who seems lonely.
  13. Challenge yourselves to do highs/lows everyday and pay attention to what kinds of things your family is sharing.  Help nurture good relationships as you take time to engage in each other’s answers.

Make. Your. Love. Count. Pass. It. On.