Preschool Family Testimonials

Peace Lutheran Preschool is “a place where my daughter feels at home, where the teachers and staff clearly care a lot about both the child’s educational and social emotional needs.”  Gina D

“At Peace Preschool, the kids have a community of adults looking out for their well-being.  All of the teachers and administrators work together so that the kids are comfortable with each adult.  It feels more like they have 5 or 6 teachers rather than just one.  They also pull a wonderful group of adults from the community into the classroom, so the kids are exposed to Spanish, library materials, and experiences they may not have had otherwise.  As parents we have been thrilled with Peace, but more importantly our child looks forward to school each day!”  Laura K

“I have so many nice things to say about Peace!  I think the teachers in all of the classrooms are the best.  They are seasoned, caring, professional, and well respected by parents as well as others in the community.  I feel really lucky to have my child attending a school with teachers who truly care about her.  The classrooms are inviting and comfortable.  My child loves going to school every day.”  Cortney K

“Peace Lutheran is an extension of our family.  I chose Peace because I could spend an entire day at the school and never tire of the positive atmosphere.  The staff works at the preschool because they love kids and this is evident in their interactions on a day to day basis.  It’s a play based curriculum that incorporates good old fashioned values and teaching of the Bible to our kids.  I am honored to call Peace Preschool our home away from home.”  Heather L

“The staff at Peace Lutheran Preschool/4K are outstanding!  They are caring, understanding and very concerned about children.  Peace is a great local community place for my children to grow and learn.  We love the accepting atmosphere at Peace Lutheran.  Very welcoming!  A++” Michelle W

“I love the personal attention that my daughter receives at Peace Lutheran.  The teachers are caring and compassionate and truly love what they do.  I cannot believe the social and academic strides my daughter has made in the last year and a half – the play based curriculum is exactly what preschool should be all about.”   Carrie D

“Thank you staff at Peace Lutheran Preschool for giving my kids such a wonderful start to school.  They love going to preschool and I know it is because of the warm and inviting environment you have created which has made an easy transition for them to school.  Kellie has been a fantastic teacher and you can tell she truly loves what she does…. And the kids (and the kids in turn love her)!  So thanks for all you do!  You truly make a difference!”  Annie B

“I chose Peace Lutheran Preschool for my daughter for several reasons.  The first time I visited, I was extremely impressed with the facility.  It is set up wonderfully for the children making it an impressive learning environment.  My daughter attended Peace for a year as a preschooler and is now enrolled in afternoons for 4K.  The teachers are all incredible with the kids.  I am especially impressed with how gentle they are with the kids as  well as how much they vary the curriculum each week and cater to each individual child’s needs.  I also love that the class sizes remain small.  Another thing that inspired me to choose Peace is its acceptance of diversity.  I am thrilled that my daughter is exposed to children that have different and unique needs.  It has taught her a great deal already about how truly important acceptance is.  The director of Peace, Sandra Briesath, is always readily available for questions and support.  I love that her office door is always open and she is frequently seen involved helping out in the classrooms if needed.  Overall, Peace has been the perfect fit for our daughter and I highly recommend it to all of my friends.”  Lisa W

“High quality teachers equal a high quality preschool!”  Shaina W

“I love my teachers and I love my friends I met in class.”  Aurelia  W

“Above all – I know Peace was the right choice for 4K because when I pick my daughter up, not only is she always full of happy smiles and ready to tell me what she did – she wants to go back every day.”  Stacey B

“Having a Christian teaching as the core was very important to our choice in pre-school.  Once we met with the teaching staff we were set on where to send our child.  The play based curriculum has helped our daughter flourish as one of the youngest in her class when she started.  With encouragement and outstanding teachers to lead daily activities our daughter has developed so much more socially and cognitively.  She loves it there and Ms. Kim and Ms. Heidi are caring, loving, compassionate and well educated and knowing teachers.  We are so blessed that we choose Peace.”   Mara & Craig W

“We chose to enroll our daughter at Peace Lutheran Preschool for a variety of reasons.  From the first day we toured the school, our family was greeted with warmth and sincerity by teachers and staff.  Our daughter immediately felt comfortable and accepted into the school atmosphere.  We appreciate that Peace Preschool is not part of a daycare setting as the focus is on learning and play as opposed to mostly caretaking.  We were able to choose a two day a week schedule which is not widely available at other schools.  While we are not members of Peace Lutheran Church, we do appreciate that our daughter receives basic Christian education through the preschooling.”  Amanda & Ross T

“We chose Peace because of its small class size, family-like atmosphere & since we are parishioners at Peace our daughter felt very comfortable having her first preschool experience at the church we attend.”  Nicole M

“Peace Lutheran was my first choice when considering preschool after being a longtime member and loving the sense of family the congregation embraces.  I had also heard such wonderful things about the preschool curriculum and with the first email inquiry I sent, felt the enthusiasm that Sandra has for the program.  As a mom sending her first “baby” off to school, I felt very confident in the care he would receive as well as his safety which unfortunately, in our world today, is something that has to be considered very carefully.  After the first day at school, the smile on Emmet’s face, assured me that we had made the right decision for him and continues every day that he is at Peace.”  Roni R

“We couldn’t have asked for a better preschool and 4K program for our daughter.  The play based curriculum at Peace Lutheran Preschool has allowed her to grow her social and academic skills all while having fun.  The teachers are knowledgeable, supportive and nurturing.”    Karen E

 “My son has attended Peace Lutheran Preschool for the past two years.  All of the staff is incredibly nurturing and readily available to answer any questions and /or discuss concerns.  Through a play-based curriculum my son continues to develop his confidence learning and interacting with peers.  In addition, he is proud of his classroom accomplishments and independence, which shows at home.  He may have his days where he would rather stay home, but as soon as he is welcomed into the classroom with smiles and hugs when needed, he is ready to have fun learning with his friends.  I am excited to have my son continue his educational journey at Peace Lutheran.”  Christina J

“As a stay at home mom, I would highly recommend Peace Preschool for any child’s first school experience.”  Lori & Ryan L