Peace Public House

Peace Public House – Soup Kitchen Suppers
Meets once a month on Sundays  
The Peace Public House is an opportunity for adults of all ages to gather for good food & drink, great community, and conversation that centers around topics of the times.  It is a time to gather together to meaningfully and practically discuss what God is speaking through scripture and our life experiences. It is a time of exploring our faith in the context of real life. Join us for this time of sabbath.

Next Gathering:  Sunday, December 15th, 5:30 @ Pastor Karen and Pastor Doug’s home. 
Topic:  Jennifer Phillips (a former summer staff member of Peace) will join us to share about her work as the Director of WESLI in Madison.  Jennifer travels all over the world and works with people of many cultures who are pursuing advanced degrees or involved in higher education.  She has insights about experiences for those wishing to access to higher education in the United States and the challenges for the future of our country as we work to invite and engage global talent.  How do we create relationships with people of other cultures? How do we address our fears?  How do we recognize the benefits  of collaborating with global citizens . . . . to address the challenges and opportunities of the future?

Please sign up on the Narthex bulletin board or by emailing Pastor Karen at  Please also let us know if you would like a child care option.