Peace Public House

Peace Public House – Soup Kitchen Suppers
Meets once a month on Sundays  
The Peace Public House is an opportunity for adults of all ages to gather for good food & drink, great community, and conversation that centers around topics of the times.  It is a time to gather together to meaningfully and practically discuss what God is speaking through scripture and our life experiences. It is a time of exploring our faith in the context of real life. Join us for this time of sabbath.
Next Gathering:  Sunday, February 9th @ 5:30PM at the Locken home. 
On Sunday, February 9, Peace Public House will be hosting Dave and Terri Beck Engel who will be sharing information on the River Market—a large food pantry on the North side of Madison that is doing amazing work in the Madison community.  Dave serves on the Board of Directors and Terri serves on a planning committee.  On the River Market website, there is a summary of their purpose, “Serving Dane County since 2006, The River Food Pantry provides food, resources and faith to build a stronger community. Services include free groceries, meals and clothing, as well as free mobile lunches for children and teens on non-school days. As the area’s busiest food pantry, The River serves over 1,000 households every week in pursuit of its vision: a fully nourished community.” Our friends, Terri and Dave are ELCA Lutherans with a passion for hunger justice throughout our community.  Come learn what is being done in the Dane County area to feed our hungry neighbors.

Email or call the church office (608-849-7322) to RSVP