Outreach Initiatives at Peace


Peace offers opportunities to engage in service in the community to people of all ages. We offer our time, as well as financial partnership to ministries in the Madison area.  As part of our regular giving at Peace, we support several ministries in Dane County.  These include:

  • Waunakee Neighborhood Connection (WNC)
  • Madison Area Lutheran Council’s Jail Chaplaincy Program
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry at UW-Madison
  • Waunakee Ecumenical Board (WEB)
  • A Hand Up Ministry at Peace
  • LCM
  • Weekly proceeds from our own Common Table Cafe are rotated between outreach organizations and help during times of local or world crisis.

We also support ministries and missionaries around the world! These include:

  • Lutheran World Relief
  • Missionary Support for Kirsten Fryer in Cairo, Egypt

In addition, our regular giving supports the greater mission of the church as a congregation of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Global Outreach

Kirsten Fryer is an ELCA missionary, serving as pastor of St. Andrews United Church of Cairo. In addition responsibilities as pastor of the English congregation, she works with the leaders of 11 other congregations who meet at St. Andrews, worshipping in six languages. She also works with the amazing team at StARS (St. Andrews Refugee Service). StARS serves refugees regardless of religion, country of origin, or ethnicity. Students and clients come from countries such as South Sudan, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Syria, and Iraq. From her blog you can sign up to receive seasonal email updates. 

Kirsten lives in Cairo with her husband, Justin, daughter, Joanna and their dog, Tenney.