LENT 2019


Redefining Life

Lent 2019:  The Journey to Easter

Lent is a time when we prepare for the resurrection of Easter. It is a 40 day journey through the wilderness of our lives as we reflect, ponder, turn around, and look deeply at how the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection shapes our lives in the here and now.  It is a time when we redefine life through the lens of Easter. 
As we travel the 40 days this year, we will practice using the tools we have been given to allow Easter’s alleluia’s to redefine the way we live.  Our tools include many gifts.  On Wednesdays, we will spend some time exploring the following:
Self Awareness

 Join us on Wednesdays as we explore the tools God has given us to live as Easter people. Dinner is from 5:00-6:15. Worship begins at 6:15:  

March 6 -    Ash Wednesday Theme:  Repentence
March 13 -  Lent Week 2 Theme:  Self Awareness/Self Acceptance
March 20 – Lent Week 3 Spring Break: No Worship ~  Sabbath Exercise/Mindfulness
March 27 – Lent Week 4 Theme:  Imagination
April 3      - Lent Week 5 Theme:  Forgiveness
April 10   -  Lent Week 6 Theme:  Hope


 FUEL 2019:  Daily Lenten Devotionals


Maundy Thursday ~ April 18

Good Friday ~ April 19

April 20

 Easter Sunday ~ April 21


If you’d like to receive the Fuel Daily Devotionals through email, please send request to cmiller@nullpeaceinwaunakee.org.