LENT 2018


The story of Jesus is a story of Love.  Join us for Lent as we journey into the story to have our hearts refreshed by the gift of God’s love.  Ash Wednesday is Feb. 14.

What is Lent? Why do we do it?

Lent is a time to focus on the radical relationship we have with God. It is a period of time—40 days (not in-cluding the Sundays)—between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Not only is it a time to remember the story of Je-sus, it is a time to understand how that story integrates with our story, or rather, how our story is a part of the intimacy of God’s story.

Lenten Weekly:

During the week…Wednesdays and Weekends, we will focus on the theme of Radical Kinship—looking at the importance of authenticity, kindness, hospitality, forgiveness, truth, justice and trust related to our human con-nectedness. Join us on Wednesdays and Weekends for this uplifting series as we explore the deep relationship God has created with us, in us and for us. Although both Wednesdays and weekends will share the weekly theme…the scripture & sermons will be different between Wednesdays and weekends.

Ash Wednesday 2/14 Love & Ashes – The Radical Kinship of the Triune God

Week 2 2/17,18 & 21 Authenticity

Week 3 2/24, 25 & 28 Truth

Week 4 3/3, 4, & 7 Justice

Week 5 3/10, 11, & 14 Forgiveness

Week 6 3/17 & 18 Trust



 Holy Week

Maundy Thursday – Worship at 6:00 PM with Holy Communion and First Communion

Good Friday – Worship at 6:00 PM

Easter Worship:

Sunrise service at Schumacher Farm, Waunakee – 6:39 AM

Festival Worship at Peace – 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM