Growth in Giving + Lent 2018

Growth in Giving + Lent 2019    

At our annual meeting a year ago, we established the budget that runs through June 30, 2019.  In that budget, is a $45K Growth in Giving income line.  It means that generally, we have a fundraiser during that budget cycle to achieve the means we need to meet our budget.  We celebrate the work we have done to this point.  Especially, we celebrate the generosity of our community in supporting the Youth and Family Pastor Initiative.  Now, we are ready to tackle that $45K Growth in Giving line as part of our Lenten journey to Redefine Life.  We are grateful for Peace ministries—and we are fortunate to share the costs of maintaining them.  So, we invite you to join us in digging deep to be generous this Lenten season so that we can fund our ongoing ministries.

We are seeking at least 150  people who could give $5/day for Lent (40 days), which is equal to $200.  We are seeking 150 people who could give $2.50/day which is equal to $100.  We are seeking 50 folks…maybe even kid powered kinds…to give $1/day which is $40.  If that happens, We will raise enough to meet our goal.  Will you find a way to join us in practicing generosity this Lent? 

As we journey through Lent, watch the cross in the Narthex be filled with yard & beads that represetn how each of us–and the gifts we offer–contribute to the body of Christ as we do ministry together.