Common Table Cafe

 All are welcome!

Common Table Cafe - Wednesday night meals begin September 30th

Practicing the essence of GRACE each week, The Common Table Cafe opens in the fall of each year and runs weekly on Wednesdays from 5:00 pm – 6:15pm through the end of April. This is the free meal on Wednesday nights at church for everyone.  All donations for meals will be used to fund special outreach projects for local or global ministries. Food is provided either through the sponsor of the night or Thrivent Action Teams program.

The Common Table Cafe will strive to provide busy people with healthy, delicious food and an experience of renewal mid week.  Each week the menu will include: a salad bar, a fussy eatery bar with fixings for PBJ’s and a pot of Mac and Cheese, a main entree that is fresh each week, and a dessert bar.  

All people of Peace along with their friends and neighbors are welcome at The Common Table Cafe. Wednesday evening worship will follow at 6:15 pmYummy and simply GOOD!