New to Peace

If you want to know about when and where we meet… what our church looks like… who we are and how we got to where we are today… or if you just want to know what we’re up to at Peace, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find information about our worship services, what’s happening for members of all ages, and a whole lot more. Browse the rest of our site or check out the FAQ below to find out more about us and what you can expect when you visit. We want to make it easy for you to check us out, and we want it to be enjoyable for you when you arrive.

Worship Services (During the school year)

During the school year, we offer two weekend services and one mid-week service with great vocal and instrumental music, uplifting hymns, communion, and a practical, relevant message. Worship styles rotate weekly and range from the traditional worship settings from Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) to more contemporary styles such as Marty Haugen’s “Now the Feast and Celebration”.

Traditional Worship

  • Saturdays at 5 pm
  • Sundays at 9:00 am (Fully staffed nursery)
  • Sundays from 8:45 am until 9:45 am we have Sunday school for children ages 4 – 12
  • Wednesdays from 6:15 to 7:00 pm, following dinner from 5:00 – 6:15 pm

All are welcome!

Summer Worship

During the summer months (Memorial Day through Labor Day), we do not hold weekly Sunday school and instead offer exciting faith exploration activities during the week.

Saturdays at 5 pm
Sundays at 9 am (Fully staffed nursery)



We love to sing, and we enjoy a variety of different musical styles. Hymns are sung from Evangelical Lutheran Worship (the cranberry book in the pew) or from the Hymnal Supplement (the maroon soft-cover book in the pew). Often, songs from other sources are included as inserts in the worship bulletin. We are fortunate to have many talented musical groups within the congregation as well, and our worship services are often enhanced by bell choirs, vocal choirs, and contemporary worship bands.


Communion can be confusing, even for a Christian who has attended worship services in a variety of churches.
At Peace, we practice open communion.  We invite all Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation, to join us in taking communion. Typically, we take an empty glass from an usher (or one prefilled with grape juice for those who prefer it) and kneel at the altar rail to receive the bread and the wine. Children who aren’t ready to take communion receive a blessing. An acolyte then collects our empty glass and we return to our seat. During holidays or special events, we sometimes have communion through intinction, in which case there are no wine glasses. We receive a wafer which we dip into the wine before eating it.  Communion can be confusing, even for a Christian who has attended worship services in a variety of churches. If you have a question, feel free to ask an usher.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
We’re more concerned with meeting your real-life needs than with what you wear! Dress comfortably, and you’ll fit in. At a typical service you will see people wearing ties or dresses, you will see people wearing jeans and tennis-shoes, and you will also see people wearing shorts and sandals. Wear what makes you comfortable!
Do you expect me to give money?
Absolutely not! As one aspect of our worship, we joyfully give back to God a portion of all we have – our time, our selves, and our possessions, but this is not expected of our guests. Just pass the collection plate along to the next person.
Will I have to do anything weird or uncomfortable?
No. When you arrive, someone at the door may greet you and shake your hand; there will also be a time during the worship service when we pause to greet one another, and it is likely that several people will smile and shake your hand or introduce themselves, but that should be the extent of the “pressure”. You will not be singled out, publicly introduced, or otherwise identified as someone new. You can just be part of the crowd and be as anonymous as you like. Participate as much or as little as you want. Similarly, we stand for some parts of our worship service and sit for others. These sections are marked in the worship bulletin and often indicated by our worship leaders. If you prefer to remain seated throughout the service, that’s fine too.
Where do I park?
We have lots of convenient parking right outside our church. The main entrance is on Century Avenue. In some cases, we may also park on O’Malley Street.
How accessible are your services?
We strive to make our church and our worship services as accessible as possible. Our entire site is wheelchair accessible, and a wheelchair is available at the front door for those who need it. We offer large-print bulletins and personal hearing devices. If walking up to the altar for communion would be a physical challenge for you, please speak with an usher and the pastor will come to you for communion where you sit.
Are children welcome?
Absolutely! Sunday school takes place between worship services, so you will see many other children in the sanctuary during worship. Children are invited forward for a special story or message just before the sermon. We also have a fully-staffed nursery for those children who are too young or just need a break from the worship service.
Where can I get my questions answered?
If you have questions while visiting us, just contact an usher.


How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member at Peace, please stop in the church office to pick up a new member form or print and fill out the family-information-sheet and drop it off in the church office.  Once you have completed this form, you are a member.  It’s really that easy!  Please provide a recent family photo with this form.  If you don’t have one, we’ll take one for you!

Throughout the year, we host gatherings for new members.  Folks who have joined in the past two years, as well as staff, council, and people who expressed interest in joining, gather for fellowship and informal conversation.